Friday, March 23, 2012

Days after EsPiEm

Assalamualaikum to all my followers.
How's your weekend??
Good isn't????
I hope you all can still give a warm smile towards people surround you.^^
Eventhough you had some tough moment lately,but try to cheer your day.

For me,
I  just get my EsPiEm result 3days ago....
According to my effort,I just hoping for the best for myself.
For me,grabbing the result for qualify me to enter Matric or Unversity is already enough.

Although my result wasn't good enough,but I thanked Him a lot.
This was my greatest result ever since 2 years at school.
So,I didn't felt regret at all eventhough I can do better than that.

Based on my result,I wish to enter university taking diploma.
Matric is not for me.It needs a lot of works and efforts study.I'm not such that person k.
Struggle is not for me........I need time to adapt to the surrounding first,so taking diploma is the best decision ever.If I didn't performed well in Matric,it just gonna waste of money and time. 
my oppurtunity is more towards to civil engineer,Tesl,building,designer,law, and land management.
I hope i can make a wise decision in choosing course in U later.

For those students whom not getting EsPiEm yet,
struggle for it starting from now......
Better result makes your life easy in future.

p/s:Hope for the best in future.

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