Sunday, December 19, 2010


1. real name : Muhammad Fareed bin Azman Shah
2. nickname : Ayed [yang lain private!]
3. zodiac sign : LIBRA to go...
4. male or female : Male
5. elementary school :1] SK Hutan Melintang
2] SK Simpang Empat.
      6. highschool : 1]SMK Hutan Melintang,Perak
2]SBP Integrasi Gopeng,Pearak
7. college : colgate n kyu sugi ade lorh...
8. hair colour : ALWAYS black
9. tall :164???aseny coz lme x ukur...
10. sweat or jeans : due2....
11. phone or camera : dua-dua
12. health freak : no
13. orange or apple : apple ar...
14: do you have a crush on someone : hi34x.. yups [jujur jew]msti larh!!!
15. eat or drink : DRINK kowt...pnting utk idop
16. pierchings : mouth
17. pepsi or coke : juice!!!

have u ever
been in airplane :,boring,juz nmpk awan...haha
been in a relationship : adui,bpew kli tnyer nie, per nah{^_^}....
been in car accident :nope!!
been in fist fight : asal bise,tegal bese...byk kli sdah

first and last
first household chores : never kot...
first best friend : hihi...maap!!lupe??byk sgt
first award : award ptah tngan...
first word : ALHAMDULILLAH
first section : section satu pangkal dua... haha
last person u talk in fon : AWEk kowt...hihi
last person u text : special 4 THE ONE I LOVE!!
last food u ate : sup...
last movie u watch : transformer... malam td.
last song u listen to : GENIE-SNSD
last thing u bought : top-up,bj n cap>>>
last person u tag : my fwen kowt....

food : EXCEPT bnde2 haram jadah!!! n najis.....
drink : juice
bottoms : ...........???
flowers : aku tak tahu nama bunga tu lar... haha
animal : kucing!!!comei BANGET
colour : red,black n blue!!!wane ASAS???
movie : HArry potter....n ctew2 lwak n rmantk!!
subject : sejarah n geo n bio

[put an 'x' in the brackets if yes]
celebrate halloween []
had ur heart broken [x]
had someone questions my sexual orientation []
got pregnant []
had an abortion []
did something i regret [x]
broken a promise [x]
hide a secret [x]
pretend to be happy [x]
met someone who change ur life [x]
pretend to be sick [x]
left the country []
try something u normally would not try and like it [x]
cried over the silliest thing [x]
when to the beach with ur bestfriend []
got into an argument with your bestfriend [x]
hate someone [x]
single for a whole year []

eating : nasi wjib kowt...
drink : air kosong wjib mnum!!! dll lgi..
listen to : lagu relax
sitting or lying :dreamin'
plan for today : on9 
waiting : to HER...

your future
wants kid : of coz lar nak... haha
want to get married : ade jodoh, kawen lar...
career : mybe yg mlibatkn lukisan2 ne...

which is more attractive
lips or eyes : eyes
shorter or taller :tngah2<molek>
romantic or spontaneous : romantic
nice stomach or nice arm :=..........=
hook up or relationship : u think?i guest yes!!
looks or personality : dua-dua.

have u ever
lost glasses or contacts :YEZZ....violet in couleur
snick out of a house : haha... yez
held a gun or knife for a defense : nope???tgan ad...urat dawai,tgn besi..huhu
kill somebody : nak sangat... igt TUHAN jew!!!
broken somebody heart : haha....prnah.byk kli kowt...unexpected things to do
been in love : yups...=)
cried when someone died : maybe one day... yessss

do u believe in
yourself : if u can i can
miracles : insyallah
love at first sight : yes
heaven : OF COURSE
santa claus : nope
superstition : entah
kiss on the first date : NO way!!x elok....pas kwen wokey...ON jew

is there one person u want to be with right now : yupSS!!
do u know what ur real friends are ? yesss
do u believe in god : Allah itu tuhan ku...
post at 100% truth ? : 100.99%

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